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you know how in the notebook, Allie has to choose between Noah and what’s his face? i think his name is Lon or something but that name sounds really stupid so i could be wrong.

anyways, Noah represented this amazingly carefree relationship. there was all of this crazy chemistry and their…

It will always blow my mind how you are living parallel lives with me. My opinion is you choose neither. SFL, baby. ;)

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Hahaha! Thank you! That kept me entertained for a few min should have asked for a hundred random things. u seriously seem like the perfect dream girl for me kaitlyn. I shit u not. Your just so beautiful and sweet like a ray of sun. I know u won't ever be with me and we dont know eachothe very well but heres to hopin!!! :p

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Awww :) Can you have a chat with my brother and tell him all these things? He seems pretty convinced I’m a monster.

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Tell me five random things about you beautiful!!! :3

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1) I prefer night time. If I could stay up all night, and sleep all day for the rest of my life…I would.
2) I’m obsessed with mythical things such as fairy tales, unicorns, mermaids, wizards, elves, magic, etc. (I’m not entirely convinced they’re mythical) ;)
3) My humor is that of a 2nd grader…as in I’ll laugh my ass off when told a knock, knock joke.
4) I cannot spell for the life of me. I have a fairly big vocabulary, but thank Jesus for spell check, because I wouldn’t be able to put it into use without it.
5) I’m in love with love, and anything romantical related.

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Here’s a little diddy I just did.
Ewoks need love too… :)

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This is what happens when I walk into a room…<3

This is what happens when I walk into a room…<3

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I sure hope everyone has one of these girls. I&#8217;d be lost without her, and her love.

I sure hope everyone has one of these girls. I’d be lost without her, and her love.

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Morning, Sunshine. :)

Morning, Sunshine. :)

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Camera: LG Electronics, Inc. LG MN240
Exif Data On Letting Go. &lt;3

On Letting Go. <3

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I’ve been busy today. Chocolate cake and tiramisu…nom nom nom.

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NOPE! All that just makes you even more badass. smh.

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Ha! Alright, let’s do this.

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k, let me get this straight...you ARE indeed female, you're domestic and bake cakes, you like bomb bands like Delta, Thrice, and Brand New, you dig Star Wars and LOTR, you game, annnnnd you're fucking gorgeous!? brb while I try not to fall in love with you.

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ha! Just try to think of the fact that among all those things you think are cool, there is some uncool. ;)

I am domestic, but my room is perpetually a mess. Good music? Yes, but I also am known to jam to some T.Swift, D.Lovato, and K.Perry. Star Wars and LOTR? Yes, but I also have watched The Notebook, Hocus Pocus, Tangled, Titanic, and The Grinch countless times. Game? Yes, but I suck. Any number of kill streak is a victory, because they are few and far between.

haha. <3 That should be sure to diffuse any love embers. ;)

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